Learning & Study Resources


Mastering Skills for College Success (LASk 1001) teaches you how to study effectively, think critically, comprehend sophisticated texts, and perform well on exams.

Academic Refresher (LASk 1101) is a 1-credit, half-semester course designed to help students improve their academic progress over the latter half of the semester. Through one-on-one sessions with an academic success counselor, you will receive individualized help determine what makes learning in college difficult for you and to build a personal achievement plan for that term and beyond. Note: You need permission to register for this course. Call 612-624-3323 for more information.

Academic Success (LASk 1102) helps students who are at risk academically build a plan for success. Students work in small groups with students facing similar challenges to develop skills and behavioral objectives for change. Note: You need permission to register for this course. Call 612-624-3323 for more information. Priority is given to students on academic probation or returning from academic suspension.

Learning Assistance

University Libraries

Writing Assistance

Personal Counseling

Personal and academic stress, relationship concerns, and transitions, among other things, can get in the way of doing well in college. Student Counseling Services can help. Talk to a Student Counseling Services counselor individually, attend a group session or workshop, and/or review their online resources on a variety of issues including eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, mental health issues, and learning problems.  Learn more

Disability Resource Center

Academic difficulty can be a result of, among others, learning disabilities, physical impairments or psychiatric disabilities that make certain types of assignments more difficult. If you suspect this may be the case, the Disability Resource Center can help you understand your rights and responsibilities and those of the University. 

The U of M is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for enrolled or admitted students who have documented disabilities such as a mobility, hearing, visual, learning, psychiatric, systemic, or brain injury impairment. Visit the Disability Resource Center for academic accommodation services, support, and counseling related to a disability.

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)

For some students, simply being in a foreign country can negatively impact their academic performance and personal life. If this is your situation, you should talk to an advisor in ISSS.  Their primary mission is to assist international students in successfully accomplishing the goals that brought them to the University.