Dispute Resolution & Legal Issues

If you have a complaint with a person or unit at the University of Minnesota, start at the lowest level and work your way up. First, approach the person (or office) with whom you have the conflict or concern. If you are not satisfied with the response or outcome, approach the head of the department that houses the person, policy, or procedure with which you disagree. Remember to approach any person you are talking to with a spirit of cooperation. The following on-campus offices can provide you with help and guidance.

For issues other than University employment, the Student Conflict Resolution Center (SCRC) offers informal and formal conflict resolution services to resolve students' university-based problems and concerns. An ombudsman provides confidential, neutral and informal options. An advocate is available to assist students in formal grievance or disciplinary proceedings.

The Office for Conflict Resolution (OCR) provides formal and informal conflict resolution services to, among others, University students who are experiencing employment-related conflicts. The OCR is a neutral, independent office.

University Student Legal Service (USLS) provides legal advice and representation to eligible students on the Twin Cities campus.