Undergraduate Student Advising

Information and Appointments

Make an appointment with your advisor using the online scheduling links below, or contact Student Services to make an appointment:

  • Newly admitted freshmen and transfer students from outside of the U of M-Twin Cities campus: You will meet your academic advisor at New Student Orientation. If you have questions regarding Orientation, please contact the College of Design at 612-626-3690 or cdesinfo@umn.edu.
  • Newly admitted transfer students from within the U of M-Twin Cities campus: To schedule an advising appointment prior to the term in which you enter the College of Design, contact Student Services. Or, for brief issues (5-10 minutes), visit your advisor during drop-in hours. For other matters, contact your advisor directly.

  • To apply to a College of Design minor: Go to the Academic Programs page, select your preferred minor listed under Undergraduate Minors, then click on "apply online" near the bottom of the page.
  • To ask an advising question: Email the advisor at desminor@umn.edu.


Meet the Advisors

Apparel Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, and Retail Merchandising

Advisors for these majors are located in 12 McNeal Hall on the St. Paul Campus.

Kaitlyn Bock


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Stay true to yourself! Find groups, organizations, or activities that interest you to connect with new people. Stay organized – keep track of your responsibilities inside and outside of the classroom. Meet with your advisor and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Lastly, remember to take time for yourself and have fun!

Katie Leonard


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Be open to new ideas and experiences. Try to find a balance between academic work and personal activities. Get to know faculty members. Use the resources the University has to offer. Ask questions. Meet with your advisor. Explore your passion.

Wanda Loerch


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Sleep, exercise and take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. It is much harder to do well in school if you are run-down, stressed or anxious. Set aside some time each day (even just a few minutes) to exercise, meditate, connect with a friend, or whatever helps you to recharge and find balance in your life.


Architecture, Landscape Design & Planning, and Product Design

Advisors for these majors are located in 107 Rapson Hall on the East Bank.



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Be kind to yourself when you fall. Everyone on campus has failed at some point. Regroup, be brave, and stand again. Also, find a way to keep track of your assignments and responsibilities. You're in college to learn, so stay devoted to this cause. Lastly, explore and have fun! Stretch yourself to join new clubs, make friends, and try different foods. Life is about finding the beauty in everyday experiences.

Chris Schlichting


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Use a planner or calendar to organize your time. (Most students confess they should have learned this skill sooner than they did.) Trust your instincts when it comes to pursuing academic areas that are interesting and engaging to you. Your commitment to those areas will result in discovering new possibilities.