2022–2023 Imagine Faculty Research Grants Awarded

June 6, 2022

From tackling the user experience design of the Metaverse to developing customized pediatric respiratory masks, our faculty are conducting research across the design fields and beyond. This spring, 12 faculty members received grants from the University’s Imagine Fund, which supports innovative research in the arts, humanities, and design fields.

Vincent deBritto (Landscape Architecture) — The Italian COVID Lockdown and the Reinvention of Quarantine

Greg Donofrio (Heritage Studies and Public History / Architecture) — Human Toll: A Public History of Twin Cities' Freeways

Lucy Dunne (Apparel Design) — Toward First Principles of Apparel Aesthetics

Linsey Griffin (Apparel Design) — Pilot Study to Develop Customized Pediatric Respiratory Masks

Brad Holschuh (Apparel Design) — Novel Clothing Accessibility Solutions Using Garment-based Actuation

Brad Hokanson (Graphic Design) — Support for Teaching College In the Schools: Building Creativity

Hyunjoo Im (Retail Merchandising) — A systematic review of design science and psychology research for teaching modules

Lauren Kim (Retail Merchandising) — A Path to [Virtual] Consumption: Mapping Customer Experience on The Metaverse

Carlye Lauff (Product Design) — Prototype Fidelity: Defining Terms and Identifying Impact on Design Communication for Product Design Students

Kristine Miller (Landscape Architecture) — Open Source Digital Edition of Almost Home, The Public Landscapes of Gertrude Jekyll

Malini Srivastava (Architecture) — Material Stories: The Before, During and Afterlife of Materials

Cecilia Xi Wang (Graphic Design) — Design, a book project: User Experience Design for the Future Healthcare

From emotional cartography to counterpreservation to food design, our faculty are conducting design research to enhance their teaching and advance their fields.

Across the College of Design, our faculty’s research is tackling global problems and advancing their fields. This spring, 19 faculty members received grants from the University’s Imagine Fund, which supports innovative research in the arts, humanities, and design fields. Take a look at the research that our faculty members are conducting with their grants: