Student and Alumni Board Members

Product Design

See the biographies below to learn more about the student and alumni landscape architecture representatives on the Design Student and Alumni Board (DSAB).

DSAB Product Design member Rory Alt

Rory Alt

Software Engineer, Starkey Hearing Technologies
Founder and Creative Synthesis, Yes, Lets!
BS 2014, Physics, Product Design Minor

I joined the board to craft experiences geared towards bringing students, professionals, and the community at large together through mutual learning and teaching interactions. I believe one of the best ways to promote bonding and understanding in a community of practice id through working together to solve problems. I’m excited to bridge gaps and strengthen ties between people at all levels of experience.

DSAB Product Design member Cassandra Connery

Cassandra Connery

BS Product Design Student
Class of 2019
Hometown: Verona, WI

The most integral part to being successful in design, is the ability to make connections and obtain a large network. I joined DSAB to enlarge not only my own network pool, but to help other students to do the same. During my term, I wish to facilitate the creation of connections between students and alumni through different opportunities open to students and alumni of different backgrounds.

DSAB Product Design Member Abigail Kmiec

Abigail Kmiec

BS Product Design Student
Class of 2019
Hometown: Mukwonago, WI

I joined the Design Student and Alumni Board because I was excited about the idea of becoming involved in the College of Design but also making connections with the people who share my passion for design. I look forward to planning events that better the College of Design as well as learning how each discipline plays a part in the design field.

DSAB Product Design Member Liz Wollner

Liz Wollner

Associate Product Engineer, Target Creative Synthesis, Yes, Let’s!
BSE 2016, Product Design, Management Minor

I joined the board because I want to foster connections between alumni and current students in the design community. I’m looking to brainstorming with a creative group of individuals to plan events, and make a difference for the present and future of the College of Design.

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