Museum Studies Graduate Minor


The Museum Studies Graduate Minor (MST) explores the history, philosophy, operations, and functions of museums by combining classroom work with of internships, field trips, and directed research projects. 

Internships are an opportunity to apply your skills and deepen your understanding of careers in museums. Are you interested in exhibition design?  Curatorial research?  Education?  Membership or development?  Most internships are unpaid, however occasionally paid positions have resulted from successful internships.

Basic Criteria:
  • Relevant to the intern's academic and professional goals, and to the professional activities of the host museum. Consider what skills you have that might be of use to a museum – good writing or graphic design, for example.  
  • A prearranged, structured learning experience scheduled within a specific time frame.
  • Performed under the direct supervision of host museum staff            
  • In a professional, non-profit museum that cares for a collection of objects and exhibits them to the public.
Internship Checklist:
  • Meet with the MST director of graduate studies (DGS) prior to the semester in which you wish to complete the internship to discuss your internship goals and ideas.
  • For ideas of internships, talk with MST faculty and/or visit the career center of your primary academic college.
  • Meet with the potential internship site supervisor to discuss the possibility of an internship.
  • Arrange the details of the internship with the site supervisor and draft the Internship Agreement form. Include learning goals, responsibilities, projects, dates, and hours. Have the site supervisor sign it.
  • Have the agreement approved and signed by the MST DGS.
  • Register for MST 5020 for 1-4 credits.  Each credit requires 45 hours of internship work.

At the end of the semester, email two reports to the MST DGS:

  • From you send five or six double spaced pages stating in detail what you did during your internship and how well the experience met your expectations and perceived needs. 
  • From your site supervisor one page summarizing the internship duties and performance including an estimate of the time completed.  

These two evaluations must reach the DGS before a grade will be assigned for the course. 

Internship Agreement Document

Look for internships under "Museums" on GoldPass.

Links to internship websites.

Links to University of Minnesota museums and galleries.

Links to museum professional organizations.

Contact us for more information about the museum studies minor.