Housing & Community Development Minor

Effective March 13, this minor is no longer accepting applications. Please explore other College of Design minors, particularly the Public Interest Design minor, which includes Housing and Community Development course options.

Program Requirements:

  • This minor requires a minimum of 15 credits.
  • All coursework must be taken on the A/F grade base and must be completed with a C- or better.
  • All required prerequisite coursework must be completed prior to enrolling in a class.
  • No more than one course may be transferred from outside the University of Minnesota to fulfill minor requirements.
  • Transfer coursework may be accepted for prerequisite courses upon review and is not included in the one-course limit.
  • Study abroad and transfer coursework must be approved by the minor advisor.

Students are held to the course requirements in place at the time of their admission. As requirements may change in the future, students should refer to their minor APAS for the requirements applicable to them.

Courses Requirements:

Required Courses Credits
Hsg 2463/3462 Housing and Community Development (fall term only) 3
Elective Courses (select three courses)
Hsg 4461 Housing Development and Management (spring term only)
Hsg 4467W Housing and the Social Environment (fall term only)
Hsg 5463 Housing Policy (spring term only)



If you have already been admitted to the minor and have advising questions, please email our peer advisor at desminor@umn.edu.