Fashion Studies Minor

The Fashion Studies Minor provides undergraduate students who are interested in fashion with the opportunity to gain knowledge about fashion product, theory, and industry-specific practices. Fashion is a major global industry with a broad range of career opportunities from business and design to engineering and chemistry.

Admission Requirements:

  • You must be in good academic standing with a minimum 2.00 cumulative University of Minnesota GPA.
  • Students majoring in apparel design and/or retail merchandising are not eligible to complete this minor.

Program Requirements:

  • This minor requires a minimum of 15 credits.
  • All coursework must be taken on the A/F grade base and must be completed with a C- or better.
  • No more than one course may be transferred from outside the University of Minnesota to fulfill minor requirements.
  • Transfer coursework may be accepted for prerequisite courses upon review and is not included in the one-course limit.
  • Study abroad and transfer coursework must be approved by minor advisor.

Students are held to the course requirements in place at the time of their admission. As requirements may change in the future, students should refer to their minor APAS for the requirements applicable to them.

Course Requirements:

Required Courses Credits
ADes 3217 Fashion: Trends and Communication (fall term only) 3
ADes 4121 History of Costume (spring term only) 4
RM 4212W Dress, Society, and Culture (Writing Intensive; fall term only) 3
Elective Courses (select two courses for 5-credit minimum)
ADes 2213 Textile Analysis (fall term only) 4
ADes 2214 Softlines Analysis (spring term only) 3
ADes 3196 Field Study: National or International 1-10
ADes 4218W Fashion, Design, and the Global Industry (fall term only) 3
RM 1201 Fashion, Ethics, and Consumption 3
RM 2215 Intro to Retail Merchandising 3

Application Process:

Apply online for the minor. The application should take just a couple of minutes.


If you have questions about applying for this minor or if you have already been admitted to the minor and have advising questions, please email our peer advisor at