College of Design IT Team

College of Design IT staff are based in Rapson Hall on the Minneapolis campus, but also have work space in McNeal Hall on the St. Paul campus and travel between the campuses as needed. Our locations include:

Rapson Hall
Rooms 63 and 65
89 Church St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

McNeal Hall
Room 32
1985 Buford Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55108

College of Design IT Team Members

GRETCHEN COREY, Technology Administrator
Office: 65 Rapson
Phone: 612-624-4732

Role: Gretchen provides technology consulting to the College's faculty and staff, serves as a liaison between OIT and the College where needed, and provides support for specialized College technology.

Office: 65 Rapson
Phone: 612-625-7785

Role: Joe works with College staff to develop applications and databases that meet the College's business needs, as well as provides reporting and analytics services. Joe also assists with implementation of third-party technology solutions where needed.

JUNOH JUNG, Business Analyst/Project Manager
Office: 65 Rapson
Phone: 612-624-3388

Role: Junoh works with College faculty and staff to support and improve current and future business processes. Junoh analyzes business needs, identifies and evaluates potential solutions, and assists with solution implementation.

Office: 63D Rapson
Phone: 612-624-1683

Role: Clay provides leadership and management of the College of Design IT department.

GREG LOCKHART, Academic Technology Resources Coordinator
Office: 63C Rapson
Phone: 612-624-8633

Role: Greg works with faculty, instructors, and students to ensure our academic technology spaces and tools meet their needs.