Digital Display Style Guide

The College of Design digital display signage systems are located in McNeal and Rapson Hall. They are used to provide brief, easily accessible information to College of Design students, faculty, staff, and visitors about events sponsored or co-sponsored by the College of Design.

This style guide is meant to be used for all digital displays located in the College of Design. The main content area of the display is called the message zone. This is the only zone that you may provide messaging for. Finished promotional images must be submitted to monitor contacts at least two weeks in advance of the desired posting date.


editable regions

How to Create a Display Image

1. Download the appropriate template.
2. Open the template in the appropriate design software and follow instructions included in the template.
3. Create your display image using the template as a guide. Use the College of Design writing style guide and proofread carefully.
4. Export your bulletin as a JPEG or PNG file.
5. Put a copy of your native design file in the G:\EXTERNAL\OUTBOX\Digital Displays folder for ease of editing should the display team need to make a change.

If you need design or editorial support, please reach out to Senior Communications Consultant Amelia Narigon at three weeks in advance of desired posting date.

Design and Editorial Guidelines

Ensure that your text is easy to read.

    • Do not overlay text on an image. If you do overlay your text, place an 80–100% opaque box behind the text to increase readability.
    • Text must be 100% opaque.
      • Do not use layer styles. (e.g. multiply, screen, etc.)
    • Do not adorn your text. (e.g. shadowns, glows, etc.)
    • Do not center or right align text.
    • Do not use more than one typeface per slide.
    • If you need to add emphasis to your text change the size, use all caps, or make it bold or italic.
    • If typefaces are not included with the template, use Helvetica, Frutiger, or Arial for Sans Serif and Garamond or Times New Roman for Serif typefaces.

Keep messaging short and to the point

    • Slides should only have 25 to 30 words.

Links should be as short as possible.

    • Use z.links when you have a long or complicated URL.
    • Do not include the http:// prefix. Example:

Do not include logos or wordmarks.

    • The College of Design wordmark is already present on the digital display signage.
    • Exceptions are for events co-branded with outside constituents who have asked to have their logo or wordmark included in the marketing for an event.


InDesign template
PowerPoint template
PSD template

Contact Information

Internal Requests

College of Design students, faculty, and staff should submit inquiries and content to designated department contacts:



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External Requests

Requests submitted by U of M departments, organizations, and alumni outside of the college must be approved by Advancement. Submit requests and inquiries to Amelia Narigon at For technical support contact Calee Cecconi at

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