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Students in the American Institute of Architecture Freedom by Design group put their design and construction skills to work building a tool shed for Settled, a non-profit focused on addressing long-term homelessness by developing tiny home communities on church property.

Students in AIAS Freedom by Design stand in front of the tool shed they built.

Over the past two years, students, faculty, and staff have risen to the ongoing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic by embracing new technology and finding innovative ways to create valuable classroom experiences remotely. Yet, virtual learning and prioritizing safety for students have limited opportunities to work in-person with traditional tools such as the letterpress.

You can’t break something that is already broken. Understanding this piece of wisdom is the first step in the process of repair and part of the foundation for a new freshman seminar in the College of Design, DES 1408: Dare to Repair.

Launched in fall 2020, the College of Design’s Design Justice Initiative was founded to create space, policies, and practices within the college that support the inclusion and retention of Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) and other historically underinvested communities. A year after its founding, the initiative has launched a number of events and programs to help forward its work.

Students, alumni, and retail leaders from across Minnesota and beyond gathered virtually on Tuesday, October 26 for Retail Connect 2021. The annual event brings industry and academic communities together to address the challenges and innovations shaping the retail landscape.

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Totally Radical: Designing the 1980s

Exhibition Dates: December 4, 2021–May 27, 2022
Location: McNeal Hall, Room 241


Totally Radical: Designing the 1980s, which draws on all areas of the Goldstein Museum of Design's permanent collection, looks at design through the fractured lens of postmodernism. Like today, the 1980s were fertile ground for nostalgic consumerism, mixing iconic elements of our collective past with present ideals. Whether your recollection of the past sides more with luxe styles or dystopic futures, the 1980s was a highly mediated era of extremes.

Walkman music devide with a pair of wired headphones attached
"2021 Minnesota SAY IT LOUD" banner with light blue detailing
Say It Loud

Exhibition Dates: September 20, 2021–January 30, 2022
Location: HGA Gallery, Rapson Hall

Curated by New York-based architect Pascale Sablan, FAIA, NOMA, LEED AP, SAY IT LOUD elevates the work of BIPOC and women designers working in built environment fields. This juried exhibition features participants from the region where it travels to. Sablan, founder and executive director of Beyond the Built Environment, strives to increase representation in the field of design, which is quintessential to a mission that includes “…engaging community through architecture to advocate equitable, reflectively diverse environments.”