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Get details to participate in Kusske Design Initiative events such as the bi-weekly Exchange, Kusske Lecture & Dialogue Series, Burst, and Vista on the University of Minnesota's central events calendar.


The bi-weekly KDI Exchange invites participants to consider intersections of varied design motivations, disciplines, and methods through impromptu, collective dialogue. The conversational approach encourages students, faculty, and staff across the College of Design to get to know one another and build an increasingly interconnected community. By having an opportunity to compare views, vocabularies, and values, participants in the Exchange can broaden their perspectives on design and find opportunities for collaborative learning and creativity. Co-dialogists with complementary perspectives informally lead each Exchange.

Do you have an idea for a great Exchange topic? Want to co-lead an Exchange session? Submit your suggestions here.

Kusske Lecture & Dialogue Series

Each year, the Kusske Lecture & Dialogue Series features highly accomplished designers whose work demonstrates phenomenal vision and outcomes. These events are open to the entire Twin Cities community and beyond. Each Kusske Lecture & Dialogue Series guest will pose a design challenge to help shape the work of the KDI cohort and collaborators for the year. Members of the College of Design and our surrounding community will have opportunities to engage with language, concepts, and creative inquiry related to this challenge through ongoing studio dialogues, projects, and critiques. Inspired by the guest speakers, individuals across the College of Design, and throughout the larger community will generate broadly inclusive solutions for pressing societal issues.


View the 2021 Kusske Lecture and Dialogue feature world renowned architect Frank Gehry. 


Each spring, the Burst colloquium encourages radically participatory engagement with diverse creative perspectives through a multi-day workshop featuring prominent visiting designers.


Each year’s events will culminate in Vista exhibitions—broad-reaching, intermodal exhibits that invite engagement with outcomes of the creative, pluralistic collaborative. These widely inclusive Vista exhibits will manifest both digitally and physically as graphical displays, videos, podcasts, and other designed forms. Vista features creative work produced through cohort collaboration, individual studies and inquiries, faculty and student research, and colloquia and workshops associated with KDI events.