College of Design Awards

Complete historical listing of recipients. Awards have been granted since the first year indicated.

Outstanding Teaching Award: Recognizes individuals who have made contributions to teaching that are creative, innovative and effective through undergraduate, graduate, extension or continuing education programs.

*New in 2017: Following the model previously established for the E Teaching award, all of the teaching awards for this year were student driven. Students were asked to nominate instructors and to outline the reason for their nominations. Instructors were then asked to write a brief paragraph outlining their teaching philosopy. Students later voted on the finalists, and the two instructors who received the most votes, regardless of their status as full time, part time, or adjunct, were this year's winners.

  • 2018: Hannah Johnson (Graphic Design ) and James Wilson (Product Design)
  • 2017: Karl Engebretson (Graphic Design) and Victor Pechaty (Architecture)
  • 2016: Kathyrn Reiley (Apparel Design) and Matt Tucker (Landscape Architecture)
  • 2015: Barry Kudrowitz (Product Design)
  • 2014: Barbara Martinson (Graphic Design)
  • 2013: Sue Chu (Graphic Design) and Joseph Favour (Landscape Architecture)
  • 2012: Vincent deBritto (Landscape Architecture)
  • 2011: James Boyd-Brent (Graphic Design), Ozayr Saloojee (Architecture)
  • 2010: Missy Bye (Apparel Design)
  • 2009: Tasoulla Hadjiyanni (Interior Design)
  • 2008: Brad Hokanson (Graphic Design)

Outstanding Research Award: Recognizes research/discovery scholarship and the creative process by individuals and/or teams within or across disciplines that have contributed to new knowledge and understandings within one or more of the central fields in the College of Design.

  • 2018: Daniela Sandler (Architecture)
  • 2017: Renee Cheng (Architecture)
  • 2016: Tasoulla Hadjiyanni (Interior Design)
  • 2015: Kim Johnson (Retail Merchandising)
  • 2014: Marilyn DeLong (Apparel Design)
  • 2013: John Koepke (Landscape Architecture) and Chris Carlson (Landscape Architecture)
  • 2012: Hye-Young Kim (Retail Merchandising)
  • 2011: Lucy Dunne (Apparel Design)
  • 2010: Laura Musacchio (Landscape Architecture)
  • 2009: Karen LaBat (Apparel Design)
  • 2008: Marc Swackhamer (Architecture)

Outstanding Outreach Award: Recognizes outreach, engagement or disciplinary service scholarship by individuals and/or teams within or across disciplines that have addressed a critical civic, economic, environmental, health, social, or other related issue in Minnesota, the nation, or the world.

  • 2018: No award given this year
  • 2017: Dan Handeen (Center for Sustainable Building Research)
  • 2016: Abimbola Asojo (Interior Design)
  • 2015: William Angell (Midwest Universities Radon Consortium)
  • 2014: Tasoulla Hadjiyanni (Interior Design)
  • 2013: Lucy Dunne (Apparel Design) and Sherri Gahring (Apparel Design)
  • 2012: William Weber (Center for Sustainable Building Research)
  • 2011: John Comazzi (Architecture)
  • 2010: Jeff Crump (Housing Studies)
  • 2009: John Carmody (Center for Sustainable Building Research)
  • 2008: Team of Marilyn Bruin (Housing Studies), Sherri Gahring (Apparel Design), Adrienne Hannert (Landscape Architecture), Barbara Martinson (Graphic Design), David Pitt (Landscape Architecture)

Outstanding Adjunct Teaching Award: Recognizes adjunct faculty who have made contributions to teaching that are creative, innovative and effective through undergraduate or graduate programs.

*New in 2017: Adjunct and Teaching Awards were consolidated and converted to student driven awards.

  • 2017: Please refer to 2017 Outstanding Teaching Award
  • 2016: Please refer to 2016 Outstanding Teaching Award
  • 2015: James Wheeler (Architecture)
  • 2014: Gayla Lindt (Architecture)
  • 2013: Greg Pickman (Graphic Design)
  • 2012: Dan Clark (Architecture)

Outstanding P&A Award: Recognizes academic/professional personnel and administrative personnel for outstanding achievement in furthering the mission and goals of their unit(s) and/or the College of Design.

  • 2018: Julie Hillman (Design, Housing, and Apparel)
  • 2017: Clay Kimber (Information Technology)
  • 2016: Laurie Gardner (Student Services)
  • 2015: Jean McElvain (Goldstein Museum)
  • 2014: Amanda Smoot (Landscape Architecture)
  • 2013: Lori Swenson (Student Services)
  • 2012: Stephanie Dilworth (Finance)
  • 2011: Martha McDonell (Architecture)
  • 2010: Lori Mollberg (Alumni Relations)
  • 2009: Jodie Walz Double (Digital Collections + Archives)
  • 2008: Julie VanSteenbergen (Design, Housing, and Apparel)

Outstanding CS/LR Award: Recognizes civil service and labor represented staff who have demonstrated excellence and professionalism in their overall performance and who have made meaningful contributions to their unit and/or the College and University.

  • 2018: Jill Bezecny (Finance)
  • 2017: Shannon Sawyer (Dean's Office)
  • 2016: Janaya Martin (Architecture)
  • 2015: Carrie Vigen (Human Resources)
  • 2014: N/A
  • 2013: Gayle Whitney (Student Services)
  • 2012: Justin Kindelspire (W.L. Hall Workshop)
  • 2011: Cheryl Johnson (Design, Housing, and Apparel)
  • 2010: Charleen Klarquist (Design, Housing, and Apparel)
  • 2009: Kevin Groenke (W.L. Hall Workshop)
  • 2008: Kathy Guiney (Design, Housing, and Apparel)

Outstanding Team Service Award: Recognizes faculty and staff for work that advances the mission and goals of their unit(s) and/or the College of Design.

  • 2018: No award given this year
  • 2017: Goldstein Museum of Design-Jean McElvain, Eunice Haugen, Barbara Lutz, Abbey Kleinert, Breana Jones, Sarah Hegge, Ellen Skoro, Rebekah Njaa, and Lin Nelson-Mayson
  • 2016: W.L. Hall Workshop Team-Greg Flanagan, Kevin Groenke, Justin Kindlespire, Anthony Kling, Patrick McKennan, and Keith Tucker (College of Design). The 2016 Fabrication Team also included 14 student technicians and 15 sales and laser attendants
  • 2015: Fashion and...Symposium--Kathy Guiney, Brad Hokanson, Kim Johnson, and Jeanne Schacht (Design, Housing, and Apparel)
  • 2014: Landscape Architecture RAs in Practice team of Kristine Miller, Joe Favour, and Amanda Smoot (Landscape Architecture); Mark Hintz and Christopher Scholl (External Relations); Tom Fisher (Administration); and Lindsay Hawks and Mike Richardson (Graduate Students)
  • 2013: N/A
  • 2012: Design Minor team of Lee Anderson (Administration), Vincent deBritton (Landscape Architecture), Lucy Dunne (Apparel Design), Mary Vincent (Student Services), Laurie Gardner (Student Services), Pat Hemmis (Interdisciplinary Design), Daniel Jasper (Graphic Design), Wanda Loerch (Student Services), Kate Maple (Student Services), and Paige Rohman (Administration).

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award: Recognizes exceptional leadership and academic accomplishments of current undergraduate students in the College of Design.

  • 2018: Hana Saifullah (Architecture)
  • 2017: Rosemarie Gregoire (Architecture)
  • 2016: Travis Rukamp (Architecture)
  • 2015: Sarah Kendzior (Retail Merchandising)
  • 2014: Karen Kiegen (Apparel Design)
  • 2013: Arthur Oxborough (Retail Merchandising)
  • 2012: Patrick Puckett (Graphic Design)
  • 2011: Marisa Fredrickson (Architecture)
  • 2010: Christina Armstrong (Apparel Design)
  • 2009: Elyse Olson (Apparel Design)
  • 2008: Jodi Wilson (Architecture, Environmental Design)

Outstanding Graduate Student Award: Recognizes exceptional leadership and academic accomplishments of graduate students in the College of Design.

  • 2018: Leslie Johnson (Landscape Architecture)
  • 2017: Julie Irish (Interior Design)
  • 2016: Jody Lawrence (Interior Design)
  • 2015: Christina Stark (Architecture)
  • 2014: Solange Guillame (Landscape Architecture)
  • 2013: G. Mauricio Mejia Ramirez (Graphic Design)
  • 2012: Jillian Buttenhoff (Architecture)
  • 2011: Jodene Riha (Housing Studies)
  • 2010: Monica Sklar (Apparel Studies)
  • 2009: Ange Tank (Graphic Design)
  • 2008: no recipient

Outstanding Contributions to Equity and Diversity Award: Recognizes individuals and/or teams who have made outstanding contributions to enhancing diversity and equity in the college and/or the community on the basis of race, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, age, ability, national origin, and/or social background.

  • 2018: Tasoulla Hadjiyanni (Interior Design)
  • 2017: Teddy Russell (Dean's Office/Human Factors)
  • 2016: Greg Donofrio (Architecture)
  • 2015: Shared Award-Marilyn Bruin (Design, Housing, and Apparel) and Holley Locher (Dean's Administration)

E Teaching Award: The E Teaching award recognizes one instructor who has been nominated and then selected by the student population for his/her innovative use of technology in teaching.  This award is intended to focus on innovative ways that instructors have used technology to effectively teach the varied subjects that the College of Design offers.

  • 2018: Award Discontinued in 2018
  • 2017: Karen Lutsky (Landscape Architecture)
  • 2016: Daniela Sandler (Architecture)
  • 2015: Jody Lawrence (Design, Housing, and Apparel)

Student Academic Excellence Awards (Formerly Student Design and Scholarship Excellence Award): Recognizes exceptional student work from the current school year. Award categories include: undergraduate individual, undergraduate team, graduate individual and graduate team.

  • 2018: Architecture: Zachery Breeggemann, Emmett Breen, Noah Burson, Sarah Dhols-Graf, Leilen Farias, Josu√© Garcia, Sarah Gastler, Timothy Goetz, Cozy Hannula, Bailey Hanson, Mohamed Hassan, Giulia Irwin, Alden Jaakola, Jakob Mahla, Liam Matteson, Sheldyn Merrell, Evan Pukal, Jennifer Quach, Kole Retterath, Chloe Sackett, Hana Saifullah, Kaitlyn Sandkamp, Abel Santos Meeker, Dustin Schipper, Lali Shupare, Xin Sun, Austin Young Design, Housing, and Apparel: Suyeon Bae, Josephine Caulfield, Aaron Chung, Sarah Corner, Nicole DelPizzo, Brady Foster, Emily Hunt, Sydney Jacobson, Bo Ra Joo, Rea Jorgaqi, Kendra Krosch, Dan Martin, Sreekishen Nair, Robert Pettys Baker, Amanda Phillips, Tessa Portuese, Sarah Prescott, Ahmad Saquib Sina, Chikako Seebold, Phoebe Sia, Alexandrea Sosalla, Michael Urness, Breanna Vick Landscape Architecture: Bria Fast, Maria Grina, Leslie Johnson, Will Linscott, Will Metcalf, Jennifer Moeller, Anya Moucha, Haily Schmitz, Sydney Shea, Aubrey Tyler, Allen Vandien
  • 2017: Architecture: Sundas Al-Bayati, Abigail Alldaffer, Kathleen Bond, Kyle Burr, Miranda Christensen, Zhetao Dong, Lindsey Kieffaber, Samantha Kowalke, Elizabeth Kutschke, George Liu, Cara Prosser, Dustin Schipper, Corbin Stowers, Sarah Ward, Tianye Zhou Design, Housing, and Apparel: Sarah Alfalah, Eman Alshawaf, Suyeon Bae, Haeun Bang, Erin Bankson, Trevor Beaty, Drew Blom, Holly Bressler, Jonathan Butler-Knutson, Hanna Cairl, Megan Clarke, Abby Cole, Emily Devore, Rachel Duerksen, Karl Engebretson, Kira Erickson, Kevin Fluegel, Nika Gagliardi, Kaamil Haider, Jessica Harjo, Julia Holmes, Keda Jiang, Alexandra Joaquin, Rachel Juhn, Nokyeon Kim, Abbey Kleinert, Hau-Yan Lam, Gordon McAlpin, Sandy Meirovitz, Megan Miller, Tahmidul Islam Molla, Brittany Nowak, Brittany Ottum, Amanda Phillips, Megan Quist, Breanna Schlauderaff, Hannah Segar, Quinessa Stibbins, James Thoma, Alicia Thompson, Lettie Wen, Claire Whang, Cathryn Wunrow, Binger Xu Landscape Architecture:: Maxwell Dickson, Maria Grina, Minah Ham, Jordan Hedlund, Phu Hnin, Claire Hoffman, Theresa Hunt, Leslie Johnson, Dylan Libbert, Fei Liu, Weiyu Miao, Jennifer Moeller, Michael Morrison, Brittney Murphy, Miranda Olson, Norman Palacious, Jr., Sarah Rumppe, Jianrui Shen, IV, Christopher Sticha, Ya Tao, Rachel Valenziano, Allen VanDien, Yuyan Wang, Alyssia Wong
  • 2016: Architecture: Sam Clausen, Molly Dalsin, Andrea Garton, Eden Messner, Michael Mettee, Amy Poburka Design, Housing, and Apparel: Sarah Alfalah, Eiman Alshawaf, Kyle Armstrong, Robin Carufel, Karl Engebretson, Abigail Erickson, Kira Erickson, Randi Hansen, Jessica Harjo, Abbey Kleinert, Curt Lund, Shuruq Nahhas, Ronald Ott, Augie Park, Alicia Thompson, Lettie Wen, Jennifer Yelk, Kali Bruhnke, Cara Haberman, Kelly Link, Nikhath Parveen Nazir Ahmed, Natalie Rethlake, Claire Rozman, Deidre Webster, Margaret Ziegler, Megan Ziesemer, Sarah Divine, Amanda Phillips, Fresa Sanchez, Brenna Schlauderaff, Sanga Song, Landscape Architecture: Mya Kessler
  • 2015: Architecture: Andrea Johnson, Molly Reichert, Tyler MacNeal, Molly Dalsin, Anna Mahnke, Chris Massey, Scott Dobson, Lindsey Kieffaber, Travis Herr, John Greene, Sean Higgins, Sam Daley, Dale Mulfinger, Caitlin Dippo, Morgan Petersen, Aaron Amosson, Jody McGuire,Martha McQuade, Matt Tierney, Justin Kindlespire, Carrie Christensen, Emily Stover, Peter Crandall, Dan DeVeau Design, Housing, and Apparel: Elle Duncan, Kevin Vi, Christina Maher, Ryan Halsne, Anna Courchaine, Bradley Tuominen, Kyle Armstrong, Karl Engebretson, Alicia Thompson, Curt Lund, Drew Blom, Eman Alshawaf, Emily Marti, Gordon McAlpin, Jessica Harjo, Masha Barysenka, Sarah Alfalah,Valeria Lopez, Emily Lowe, Madeline Ann Blake, Keegan Elizabeth Brown , Sarah Kendzior, Minjung Park, Julia Duvall, Elizabeth Davelaar, Bridget Erl, Katie Mackereth, Elizabeth Bischoff, Mary Alice Casto Dooyoung Choi Landscape Architecture: Kellen Kirchberg, Jody Rader, Jodi Refsland, Alex Hill, Emilie Kopp.
  • 2013: Theodore Wright (Architecture); Aaron Rickard, DanielScott, Rythm Unnown, and Theodore Wright (Architecture); Kai Salmela (Architecture); David Johansson and Jenna Johansson (Architecture); Sherry Sanden-Will (Apparel Design); Rika Snyder and Mai Yang (Apparel Design); Chad Sowers (Apparel Design); Mary Alice Castro, Meghan McKinney, Seoha Min, Harini Ramaswamy, and Natasha Thoreson (Apparel Design); Mary Ford, Brittany Judy, Emily Showers, Ashley Trevick, and Katlyn Tarras (Retail Merchandising); Hannah Bartz (Retail Merchandising); Dooyoung Choi, Jung Mee Mun, and Nayeon Yoo (Retail Merchandising); Jung Mee Mun (Retail Merchandising); Kasi Rivard, Bridget Mugan, Jill Weinberg, Rose Franklin, Kylie Edgren, and Kelsey Lahrt (Interior Design); Catherine Ensch (Graphic Design); James Cosper (Graphic Design); Jesse LaMaack (Housing Studies); Jenna Bloom, Dylan Bonlender, Sorcha Carpenter, Justene Davis, Megan Fowler, Dionne Griffin, Miranda Hanson, Leah Hathaway, Valerya Morton, Angelita Scott, and Honfa Thao (Housing Studies); Heidi Wagner (Housing Studies); Daniel Rude (Landscape Architecture); Emily Furlich, Michael Felt, Kevin Tousignant, and Daniel Rude (Landscape Architecture); Amber Hill (Landscape Architecture); Jen Krava and Nissa Tupper (Landscape Architecture)
  • 2012: Vanessa Barnhart (Interior Design), Jeremy Bernardy (Architecture), Kaila Bibeau (Apparel Design), Anna Lawrence Bierbrauer (Landscape Architecture), Lucie Biros (Apparel Design), Sosethika Chhuth (Architecture), Khampasith Davison (Apparel Design), Nicole Dickenson (Interior Design), Michael Dorfman (Landscape Architecture), Brendan Dougherty (Landscape Architecture), Molly Eagen (Architecture), Amber Etzel (Interior Design), Olivia Ferraro (Retail Merchandising), Ashton Frith (Apparel Design), Gozde Goncu-Berk (Apparel Studies), Linsey Gordon (Apparel Design/Apparel Studies), Silvia Guttmann (Apparel Design/Apparel Studies), Brady Hickcox (Architecture), Ellie Hottinger (Apparel Design), Michael Jamison (Architecture), Misty Karges (Apparel Design), Katy Kenyon (Architecture), Brittany Knoll (Interior Design), Helen Koo (Apparel Studies), Nicholas Kramer (Architecture), Abby Kurlinkus (Architecture), Jessica Loomis (Apparel Design), Grace Lorig (Apparel Design), Miss Emily Lowery (Landscape Architecture), Jessica McSherry (Architecture), Issa Mello (Apparel Design), Joshua Miller (Architecture), Seoha Min (Apparel Studies), Andrew Montgomery (Landscape Architecture), Lucie Mulligan (Apparel Design), Molly Oberstar (Retail Merchandising), Arthur Oxborough (Retail Merchandising), Cho Park (Architecture), Stefanie Perez (Architecture), Tera Peterson (Retail Merchandising), Lane Pralle (Architecture), Ryan Radzak (Architecture), Devon Regan (Architecture), Emily Richardson (Architecture), Lindsey Richter (Architecture), Sherry Sanden-Will (Apparel Design), Derek Schilling (Landscape Architecture), Ellen Schofield (Graphic Design), Samuel Schroeder (Architecture), Benjawan Sinchai (Architecture), Rika Snyder (Apparel Design), MyungHee Sohn (Apparel Studies), Chad Sowers (Apparel Studies), Brent Suski (Architecture), Anna Sviben (Apparel Design), Jeff Swiontkowski (Architecture), Ben Vandenwymelenberg (Architecture), Jennifer Voth (Apparel Design), Susan Vue (Apparel Design), Mai Yang (Apparel Design), Heng Zhao (Architecture), Lisa Zimmerman (Interior Design)
  • 2011: Alexandra Albers (Retail Merchandising), Breanne Ament (Retail Merchandising), Sandra Arciniega (Housing Studies), Jason Askew (Interior Design), Bryan Bengtson (Housing Studies), Jonathan Blaseg (Landscape Architecture), Megan Brown (Housing Studies), Kelly Cooper (Housing Studies), Sean Doheny (Housing Studies), Michael Dorfman (Landscape Architecture), Gozde Goncu (Apparel Studies), Sylvia Guttman (Apparel Design), Holly Halter (Retail Merchandising), Timara Harney (Interior Design), Lee Hathaway (Housing Studies), Elizabeth Hillmann (Apparel Design), Thorn Houth (Housing Studies), Kristy Janigo (Apparel Studies), Alexander Jasko (Housing Studies), Brita Johnson (Housing Studies), Brittney Just (Housing Studies), Aaron Keniski (Housing Studies), Maria Kennedy (Housing Studies), Katelyn Kircher (Housing Studies), Kate Klip (Housing Studies), Katie Knoblauch (Housing Studies), Minji Kye (Interior Design), Jesse Lamaack (Housing Studies), Paul Lange (Housing Studies), Mackenzie Lucca (Housing Studies), Lindsay Matenaer (Interior Design), Rodney Matthews (Housing Studies), Kirk Mazzeo (Architecture), Beatrice McLeester (Housing Studies), Jung Mee Mun (Apparel Studies), Colin Nelson (Housing Studies), Caroline Noble (Housing Studies), Mary Pattison (Housing Studies), Andrew Pelke (Housing Studies), Kim Perla (Retail Merchandising), Tera Peterson (Retail Merchandising), Kevin Reza (Housing Studies), Emily Richardson (Housing Studies), Jodene Riha (Housing Studies), Molly Rudolph (Housing Studies), Rachel Simmons (Housing Studies), Nelima Sitati (Housing Studies), Krista Skoglund (Housing Studies), Oak Sopiwnik (Housing Studies), Kathryn Sterner (Apparel Design), Jun Tang (Housing Studies), Andrew Thiel (Housing Studies), Dean Tran (Housing Studies), Charles Young (Housing Studies)
  • 2010: Lisa Antenucci (Interior Design), Sahar Awliya (Design), Michelle Barness (Landscape Architecture), Dee Bayley (Apparel Design), Carol Berger (Apparel Design), Justin Berken (Architecture), Youngeun Choi (Design), Christine (Coal) Dorius (Landscape Architecture), Cory Etzkorn (Graphic Design), Kailene Falls (Graphic Design), Rachel Fang (Design), Natalie Gallagher (Retail Merchandising), Lee Jackson (Apparel Design), Hae Won Ju (Apparel Studies), Laura Lien (Housing Studies), Kevin Lang (Architecture), Brenda Martinez (Architecture), Cody Mastel (Graphic Design), Lindsay Nayes (Graphic Design), Ian O'Neill (Graphic Design), Naseem Rafiei (Graphic Design), Jodene Riha (Design), Amber Sausen (Architecture), Stephen Schacht (Graphic Design), Shirley Schlievert (Apparel Design), Kristin Shardlow (Graphic Design), Micah Spieler-Sandberg (Graphic Design), Allyn Thorpe (Housing Studies), Stefnee Trzpuc (Interior Design), Carmen Tsang (Apparel Design), Hae Young Yun (Design)