College of Design Awards

The annual Honors and Awards event will be held Friday, May 4, 2018 in the Rapson Courtyard.
Breakfast will be available at 8:00 AM, with the program beginning promptly at 8:30.



Nominators will submit their nominations via a Google form. A link to this form has been sent to all faculty and staff, and is also accessible via the link below.

Note: There have been some changes to this year's nomination guidelines and to the Teaching Awards. Please be sure to review the award information carefully.


Google Nomination Form



The deadline for all awards except for the Student Academic Excellence awards is

Wednesday, February 21 at Noon.

Nominations received after this time will not be accepted.

The new deadline to submit student names for the Student Academic Excellence Awards is

Tuesday, March 27 at Noon.


  • 2018 College of Design Nomination Guidelines (PDF)
  • This year's award period runs from April 11, 2017 though March 27, 2018.
  • NOTE: Teams nominated in an Individual-only category will not be considered.
    • Individuals only: Teaching, P&A, CS/LR, Undergraduate Student, Graduate Student
    • Individuals or Teams: Research, Outreach, Student Academic Excellence, Equity and Diversity
    • Team Only: Outstanding Team Service
    • Each nominee must have a minium/maximum of 3 supporters in order to be eligible for consideration


Outstanding Civil Service/Labor Represented Award: Recognizes individual civil service and labor represented staff who have demonstrated excellence and professionalism in their overall performance and who have made meaningful contributions to their unit and/or the College and University.

Outstanding Contributions to Equity and Diversity Award: Recognizes individuals and/or teams who have made outstanding contributions to enhancing diversity and equity in the college and/or the community on the basis of race, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, age, ability, national origin, and/or social background.

Outstanding Graduate Student Award: Recognizes exceptional leadership and academic accomplishments of individual graduate students in the College of Design.

Outstanding Outreach Award: Recognizes outreach, engagement or disciplinary service scholarship by individuals and/or teams within or across disciplines that have addressed a critical civic, economic, environmental, health, social, or other related issue in Minnesota, the nation, or the world.

Outstanding P&A Award: Recognizes individual academic/professional personnel and administrative personnel for outstanding achievement in furthering the mission and goals of their unit(s) and/or the College of Design.

Outstanding Research Award: Recognizes research/discovery scholarship and the creative process by individuals and/or teams within or across disciplines that have contributed to new knowledge and understandings within one or more of the central fields in the College of Design.

Outstanding Teaching Award--New this Year: All of the teaching awards for this year will be student driven, and nomination criteria previously assigned to the E Teaching award will be integrated into the Outstanding Teaching Award. Students will be asked to nominate instructors and to outline the reason for their nominations. The two instructors who receive the most votes, regardless of their status as full time, part time, or adjunct, will be this year's winners. Faculty and staff should refrain from unduly influencing the student vote.

Outstanding Team Service Award: Recognizes individuals or teams of faculty and staff for work that advances the mission and goals of their unit(s) and/or the College of Design.

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award: Recognizes exceptional leadership and academic accomplishments of individual current undergraduate students in the College of Design.

Student Academic Excellence Award (Formerly the Student Design and Scholarship Excellence Award) : Recognizes exceptional student work from the current school year. Award categories include: undergraduate individual, undergraduate team, graduate individual and graduate team.


List of Current and Previous College of Design Honors and Awards Recipients


2017 CDes Honors and Awards Committee

Jan Batt-Dean's Designee

Mary Shannon Bocock-P&A Representative

Amber DeVries-CS/LR Representative

Joe Favour, Chair- Landscape Architecture

Cynthia Jara & Julia Robinson (Shared Appointment)- Architecture

Kathryn Reiley-Adjunct Representative

Shannon Sawyer- Dean's Office Staff to the Committee

Carol Waldron-Design, Housing, and Apparel

Hassan Warsame-Undergraduate Student Representative

Ellie Ziaie-Graduate Student Representative


2017 Honors and Awards Ceremony Photos


University Wide Awards and Honors

For persons who are not employees of the University:

For persons who are current employees of the University:

For persons in both of the categories above:

International Awards & Honors:

For all awards except the Nobel Prize, the recipient must have spent at least five years on the University of Minnesota faculty, and must not have left the University before receiving the award. The Nobel Prize recognizes those who at any time in their careers spent time at the U of MN.

National Awards