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Retail Merchandising

Prospective Students

Retail Merchandising (B.S.)


Retail merchandising students study promotion, consumer behavior, buying, sourcing, brand development, marketing, management, distribution, and design--all within the context of sustainability and social responsibility. The Bachelor of Science program offers two curricular concentrations to choose from: the apparel track or the general retailing track.


Students get access to a wide range of educational and career opportunities, including visits to international retailers, travel to foreign and domestic retail centers, and professional experiences such as study abroad and internships with national and international retailers.


Graduates of the program begin their careers in store or corporate environments. Entry-level positions include merchandising, marketing, product development, distribution, store management, visual merchandising, entry-level buying positions, advertising, sales promotion, and human resources.

Successful students in retail merchandising are creative, results-oriented, customer-focused, flexible, analytical, and hard-working.