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General Information:

  • Complete the introductory courses in Categories A and B before moving on to C.
  • Some Category B courses are also options for Category C. You may choose for these courses to fulfill a requirement for either B or C...but not both.
  • For Interdisciplinary Design Minor courses that show a prerequisite of GDes 1311 and GDes 1312, Interdisciplinary Design Minor students are exempted from that prerequisite.
  • Most Interdisciplinary Design Minor courses do not require special permission. Simply register for these courses. ** Graphic Design courses are an important exception. See below**




Registration for GDes Courses:

Several GDes courses are open to Interdisciplinary Design Minor students. However, because these courses are required for Graphic Design majors, a limited number of seats in each are reserved for Interdisciplinary Design Minor students. Once those reserved seats have been taken, you will need to request a permission number. There is no guarantee that you will get a seat in a closed course, so register for a back-up course. If you have not received a permission number by the start of the semester, you may attend the first day of class to see if a seat is available for you.


If the waitlist on the registration system is open:

  • Add your name to the waitlist.


If the waitlist on the registration system is already closed:

  • Send an email to request a permission number to
  • Include your name, your ID number, the course and section number, indicate that you are a design minor student, and a brief statement on why you want to take the course.




Study Abroad:

It may be possible to complete Interdisciplinary Design Minor requirements while studying abroad. Please contact the minor advisor at for study abroad planning.








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