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Product Design Minor - Undergraduate

Product design is about creating the future in the form of new objects, systems and services. It is inherently creative and interdisciplinary blending design, engineering, business, art, and humanities. Students will gain experience generating, visualizing, and prototyping innovative concepts.




Admission Requirements:

You must be in good academic standing with a minimum 2.00 cumulative University of Minnesota GPA.




Program Requirements:

  • This minor requires a minimum of 16 credits.
  • All coursework must be taken on the A/F grade base and completed with a C- or better.
  • Study abroad and/or transfer courses must be approved by the product design minor advisor.



Course Requirements:

Required Courses Credits

PDes 2701/5701

Creative Design Methods (fall term only)
PDes 2702/5702 Concept Sketching 3
PDes 3711 Toy Product Design (spring term only)
Elective Courses (minimum 6 credits) *
Anth 4121 Business Anthropology
CEGE 5571 Acara Global Venture Design: Grand Challenges (formerly CE 5571)
Des 3131 User Experience in Design
Des 3321 Furniture Design: Exploration (fall term only)
Des 5185 Human Factors in Design (spring term only)
EE 4951W Senior Design Project
EE 4981H Senior Honors Project 1
EE 4982V Senior Honors Project 2
  (Note: Must be Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering major to take EE courses listed above.)  
ESPM 3603 Environmental Life Cycle Analysis (fall term only)
ME 2011 Introduction to Engineering (fall term only)
Mgmt 3010-001 Introduction to Entrepreneurship (fall term only, design section only)
Mgmt 4171W Entrepreneurship in Action I (fall term only)

Mgmt 4172

PDes 2703

Entrepreneurship in Action II (spring term only)

Concept Visualization and Presentation (spring term only)



PDes 3170/5170 Topics in Product Design
PDes 3703 Product Form and Model Making (fall term only)
PDes 3704 Computer-aided Design Methods (spring term only)
PDes 3705/5705 History and Future of Product Design (spring term only)
PDes 3706 Designing for Manufacture (fall term only)
PDes 3715 Design and Food (fall term only, even years)



  * Additional elective courses may be added in the near future. Check back or consult with the minor adviser once you have applied for the minor.  



Application Process:

Apply online for the minor. The application should take just a couple of minutes.



If you are unsure about the minor and would like to speak to an advisor, complete the online application and include your questions in the final comment box. An advisor will contact you to answer your questions. You may opt out of the application process at any time.


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