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Maureen Kostial

College of Design
Apparel Design, class of 1971

As a member of the College of Design Student and Alumni Board, I would like to share my manufacturing/design expertise with future professionals enabling and encouraging a smooth transition from college to career. I also look forward to participating in a vibrant, active community of students, faculty, and alumni.

Reagan Rockers

Apparel Design Major & Retail Merchandising Minor, Spring 2014
Garnett, KS

I joined DSAB to network with students and professionals from different design backgrounds. I foresee that this collaboration of creative minds will strengthen me both as a designer and a leader.

Marc Partridge

Alumni President

Master of Architecture
University of Minnesota, 1982
Senior Associate-RSP Architects

I understand the relatively small connections between architectural firms, one of our most powerful professional associations (the AIA), and the School of Architecture. This suggests that there is still much to create a new synergy between student design energy and practicing firms. Additionally, I feel like CDes has barely tapped the potential of international collaboration.

Raymond Dehn

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture 1993
Master of Architecture 1996

I joined the DSAB to be active in working with students and other professionals to address that often difficult transition from education to practice.

Amy Ennen

Master of Architecture, 2014
River Falls, WI

I joined DSAB because I believe maintaining a connection between academia and practice is vital and that we all have the capacity to be learning from one another. I also thought it was an area in which I could be of service and it sounded like a lot of fun!

Madeline Lenaburg

B.S. Architecture, 2014
Lakeland, MN

Within the U of M, the College of Design is unique in its union of students and alumni under one board. The DSAB consists of diverse disciplines in an effort to connect elements of design. I joined the board to learn about architecture’s relationship to other design majors and assist my fellow students in understanding the transition from school to career.

Laura Anderson

B.S. Graphic Design, class of 2010
Graphic Designer, Periscope

I joined the DSAB for an opportunity to give students useful insight into the professional design world. There are more resources now than ever available to young designers in the Twin Cities, and I would love to help students become better connected to people or information that will enable them to succeed.

Beth Bowman

Housing Studies Graduate Certificate, 2008

I joined DSAB because I had an extremely positive experience while taking classwork for my Housing Studies graduate degree. I also am very excited and support the new multidisciplinary approach the College of Design is taking towards the disciplines of housing, architecture, fashion design, landscape design, etc. I feel that this is a very forward thinking, progressive ethos that I want to be a part of!

Kara Young

Housing Studies, class of 2013
Inner Grove Heights, MN

I joined DSAB both to get to know and be involved with others in CDes as well as to represent my major, since it is one of the lesser known majors and I want to make it more widely known to both incoming freshman and current students alike.

Heather Marie Winkler

BS Interior Design, 2003
Interior Designer, BWBR

Being a part of DSAB allows me the opportunity to give back to the design community. I’ve enjoyed mentoring and being a resource for students. I’m looking forward to building more relationships and helping others continue to succeed.

Amy Conradi

B.S. Interior Design, 2014
Chanhassen, MN

I joined DSAB in an effort to impact students' experiences at the College of Design. I hope to use my insight to help plan meaningful events that will enrich what we are learning in the classroom. I also see DSAB as a great way to network and work closely with industry professionals.

Melanie Schroeder

Landscape Architecture (BED) Summer 2014
Naperville, IL

I joined DSAB because I've always been interested in being part of something and getting involved where I have a chance to make a difference. I could not have thought of a better opportunity to do this than on DSAB. In addition, I have made connections with individuals throughout the College of Design and professionals in the area that I wouldn't have without putting myself out there.

Frank Fitzgerald

MLA, 2001
Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc.
Title: Landscape Architect

Professionally, I am where I am today because of conscious effort and a lot of chance. I hope that by serving on the DSAB I can further opportunities for students and professionals to connect, helping to make some of that “chance” fall into place for CDES students.

Kelly Grissman

BED 2003, MLA 2005, MURP 2005
Three Rivers Park District
Director of Planning

As a DSAB member, I'm excited to help strengthen the relationship and transition between academia and the design professions. I believe DSAB is a strong position to introduce student to opportunities which foster networking, creative networking, self-reflection and a more holistic approach to design - including a greater understanding and appreciation of the greater design community and professionals.

Ada Ojiaku

Past Alumni President
Retail Merchandising, class of 2006
Senior Analyst, Best Buy

As a member of the College of Design Student and Alumni Board, I hope to continue to build my personal and professional network. As an active participant in the College of Design Mentorship program, I hope to enhance my coaching, mentoring and leadership skills, as I will be working with people with similar and different working. This will provide me with the knowledge and perspective essential for making effective business decisions. In the end, I hope to have a positive impact through my contributions to the College of Design and the University while helping to mold our future leaders.

Amy Lesicka

Retail Merchandising, class of 2002
Airtex Design Group, Senior Account Manager

I decided to join DSAB because I very much enjoyed my time at the University of Minnesota. I appreciate the opportunity to work with other alumni and students on programs and projects that will help educate others about the field of Retail Merchandising. The transition from college to career is an important one and something I am deeply interested in making as smooth as possible. The events and programs that the DSAB puts together help achieve this and it was certainly something to which I wanted to contribute.

Lauretta Jaye

Retail Merchandising, class of 2015
St. Cloud, MN

I joined DSAB to expand my involvement within the College of Design and the local design community. I want to help enhance the experiences of my fellow students within the college and develop meaningful, career-related opportunities for them.

Lori Mollberg

Director of Alumni Relations
College of Design

Lucy Reile

College to Career Coordinator
Student Services

Miryah Lea Humphrey

B.S. Interior Design | Architecture Minor, 2014
Breezy Point, MN

I joined DSAB to become involved with the inter-workings of the College of Design, something I find very important as a student within a large university. I value the cross-disciplinary collaboration provided by DSAB as well the teamwork meant to enhance my own field of study. Building relationships and meeting new people is something I continue to have a passion for. I hope to help facilitate meaningful experiences to others through my work as a member of the Design Student and Alumni Board.

Bridget Erl

Apparel Design Major in the College of Design and Marketing Major in the Carlson School of Management: May 2015
Wauwatosa, WI

I look forward to the great networking opportunity the DSAB provides both with students across all design majors and alumni. I also joined to help students create connections and obtain advice from professionals in their fields through events hosted by the DSAB.

Betsy Vohs

Master of Architecture, 2004

As a Board member I am eager to help support and grow the student experience by creating opportunities for cross-disciplinary work. Transformative design solutions require collaboration. Creating opportunities to develop cross-disciplinary work within the College of Design excites me. I look forward to this opportunity to give back to the College of Design.

Christina Berglund

Graphic Design, BFA, May 2012

I joined DSAB to support the programs that helped me succeed as a student at the College of Design.

Megan Shircel

Graphic Design major, Spring 2015
Sheboygan, WI

I joined DSAB simply to become more involved within the College of Design and greater design community. I hope to enrich the experiences of my peers through the opportunities and professional connections the board creates. I look forward to reaching out to fellow students and to further develop those connections that emerge.

Joél Valdez

Graphic Design BFA, Product Design Minor, Retail Merchandising Minor
Janesville, Wisconsin

I joined because I really like that the board provides great opportunities for all students. Their events are experiences students can use to enrich their design awareness. To help make these opportunities happen is really exciting for me.

Katie Anderson

Housing Studies, 2009

I joined DSAB because I want to get more involved with the College of Design. I am passionate about design and I look forward to networking with others who feel the same. I am excited to plan creative and inspiring events to further the education of alumni and students.

Dana Kitchen

Housing Studies, 2004

I'm looking to build a stronger bond with the University. Through work with the DSAB, I'd like to assist in diversification of teaching techniques and exploring ways to prepare students for the realities of the working world through my experiences.

Lucy T. Penfield

Design Principal, Lucy Interior Design | Master of Liberal Studies 2014

Passionate about Interior Design and all things visual, my involvement with DSAB is a perfect opportunity to continue the rich design dialogue with students and professionals. As a professional, I enjoy partnering with the College of Design Internship and Mentorship Programs. The relationships with our students continue to be rewarding.Excited about the synergy between disciplines, I hope DSAB will practice Design Thinking to maintain and further enhance the College of Design as a leader in the 21st Century.

Grace Larson

MLA, 2015
St. Paul, MN

Landscape architecture is a close-knit field that is constantly evolving, which makes it very important for students and professionals to maintain a strong relationship. DSAB gives me the opportunity to plan events and activities that help foster these relationships, so students and professionals can connect and continue to learn from each other.

Sarah Kendzior

Retail Merchandising - Spring 2015
Mukwonago, WI

I joined DSAB because I strongly believe that taking a college degree and turning it into a full-time career is one of the most important stages in an individual’s life. I am extremely interested in making the college to career transition as exciting as possible by providing other students with meaningful career-related opportunities and connections.


We accept applications for open seats on the board year round. Applications for terms beginning in the fall are due by or before March 31 annually. To learn more, review the application below or contact Lori Mollberg, Director of Alumni Relations, or 612-625-8796. Students can also contact Lucy Reile, College to Career Coordinator, 612-624-1245. Contact Lori or Lucy for information about open seats for this coming fall.

Founded in 2006, the Design Student and Alumni Board (DSAB) represents the Design Alumni Society and the Design Student Board. These groups meet and work together as one board, creating programs and opportunities that support the transition from college to career, and connect alumni, students and other professionals in the process.


Design Alumni Society membership helps support DSAB programs and is open to alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff, and friends of the college.


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