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Leave of Absence, Inactive Status and Readmission

Leave of Absence and Inactive Status


During your undergraduate career, if you plan to leave the University for one semester or longer (excluding summer), contact your academic adviser immediately for instructions regarding the University's leave of absence policy. If you do not enroll for classes in a given term (excluding summer) and do not have an approved Leave of Absence, your enrollment will be discontinued, which means their student status changes to "inactive." (See below for instructions on returning from inactive status.)


If you are in good academic standing and your leave of absence request is approved, you may return to CDes and follow the academic plan that was in place when you started the program. A leave of absence is good for up to two years (four consecutive semesters). If you are gone for more than two years, with or without an approved leave of absence, you must follow the program requirements in effect for students just entering the program.


You may return any time during the leave of absence and reactivate your enrollment by submitting an Application for Readmission to CDes Student Services.





Returning after an approved leave of absence:

If you are an undergraduate student on an approved leave of absence, notify CDes of your intent to return. Complete an Application for Readmission and submit it to CDes Student Services.


Returning after academic suspension:

If you were placed on and have served a one-year academic suspension and now wish to resume your studies at the University of Minnesota, follow the instructions that were included in your suspension notice.


Returning from inactive status:

If your current undergraduate student status at the University is "inactive" and you wish to resume coursework here, submit an Application for Readmission.  To be readmitted you must meet the admissions requirements for the major in effect for the term you would like to return. If the major has limited space, you may have to go through the competitive admission process. Each student situation is different depending upon space in the major and your academic record; each request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


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