Digital Display Style Guide

The digital displays, located in McNeal Hall and Rapson Hall, are used to provide brief, easily accessible information to College of Design students, faculty, staff, and visitors about events sponsored or co-sponsored by the College of Design.

If you would like to have an image shown on the digital display, you must submit the image to the appropriate department contact seven business days prior to when you would like the image to start appearing on the display. Final approval of the image will take two to three days. In most cases, all submitted images will be on display for two weeks.

Carousel is the college's digital display content editor. The main content area of the display is called the message zone. This is the only zone that you may edit:


editable regions


Content Guidelines


  • The body text used are the web safe fonts Verdana and Arial.
  • Use only one font per slide.
  • Add emphasis to some of the text by enlarging the text, making it bold, or using italics.
  • Black text on white background or white text on black background are the standard colors for text. If you require other background colors, please see the palette below.
  • Text should always be white or black and unadorned, i.e. no shadows, glows, etc.
  • Minimum 30 px within Carousel system; 18px in PSD.
  • Maximum 100px - 128px.
  • Maximum number of words per slide: 25 - 30.
  • Do not center or right align text anywhere on the page.
  • Do not color text.
  • Preserve the template-defined 100px margin between the college and University logo and any text headers within your display.
  • When typing a date range, use the en-dash hyphen by typing ALT 0150 on your PC, e.g. May 10 – 15, 2013.
  • When typing a hyphen, include a space on either side of the hyphen, e.g. text - text.

Display Transitions

  • Slides should be visible for 10 seconds.
  • Fade is the only transition to be used.


Links should always be as short as possible. Use z links for longer URLs. Do not include the http:// prefix. For example,


  • 150 DPI
  • jpeg or png
  • The total space available in the Message Zone is 1920px wide by 930px height.

Image only slides

  • To use an image that you created for the slide, select the big picture template. Then upload your image.
  • We also request that you put a copy of your Photoshop file in the "G:\EXTERNAL\OUTBOX\Digital Displays" folder for ease of editing should we need to make a change.

Web Colors

Black is the preferred background color. If you would like a different background color, please choose from the palette below.

Web colors

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