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Emerging Fall 2009Transforming the built environment
The Center for Sustainable Building Research takes the hard science on how the design, construction, and operation of buildings contributes to global warming, and translates it into information on sustainable building and products that people and communities can use. Full story


Beyond the classroom
Service-learning and community outreach opportunities are integral to the graduate and undergraduate curriculum in all College of Design departments and majors, instilling an ethos of public service as a key part of the design professions. Full story


Visualizing alternative landscape networks of food and energy
Scott County, with its abundant farmland, will play an important role in meeting future food and energy needs of the Twin Cities. The challenge is that the new 2030 Comprehensive Plan for Scott County was created in 2004 before the energy and food price increases of 2008. County planners were interested in some fresh ideas about the situation. Full story


Metropolitan Design Center: A new vision
Ignacio San Martin had never set foot in the Twin Cities before he interviewed for the directorship of the College of Design's Metropolitan Design Center about a year ago. Yet he already includes himself when speaking of the region's problems and opportunities. "We have spent 60 years building freeways," San Martin said in a recent interview -- we meaning Twin Citians. He is concerned about low-density sprawl, underutilized riverfront, and the automobile's continued dominance in transportation. Full story


Small college garners big awards
The College of Design may be one of the smaller colleges at the University of Minnesota, but there is no lack of talent among its students, who have been winning national and University-wide awards, scholarships, and grants over the past year. Full story


The challenge of bringing clean water to Mumbai
A College of Design student was part of a team of four University of Minnesota students who recently won a competition to help bring clean water to the slums of Mumbai, India. Full story


Water as global resource
Sandra Rolph (MLA '07), Sean Jergens (BED '02, MLA '05), and Jenny Salita (MLA '08) created artwork for the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum's latest exhibit, "Waterosity: Go Green with a Splash." Their piece, "Global Spydrology," explores the connection between people, plants, and water. (Spydrology is a combination of spiral and hydrology.) Full story



Outreach is one of the University of Minnesota's three missions, along with teaching and research. That three-part mission stems not only from our being the state's flagship research institution, but also its sole land-grant university, which comes with the requirement that we disseminate knowledge to the people of the state. The word outreach has two distinct definitions: as a noun, it means the information or services provided to people in need; as a verb, it means extending or exceeding an expectation. Full story


Around the college
Baku removed from World Heritage danger list with help from U... Hewitt retirement... ICON solar house is on the move... Intersections: Where Art Meets Fashion... Full story


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Alumni profiles... Fall alumni gatherings... Social networking... Full story


Private support
Study abroad experiences... Funding study abroad... Full story


Events calendar
The Fall 2009 College of Design lectures, exhibitions, and events have been published. Look for a print poster (.pdf; 9.4Mb) in your Fall 2009 print issue of Emerging.



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