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The University of Minnesota's College of Design (CDes) trains design leaders. Our students, researchers, and faculty design with a social conscience and work to advance the quality and value of natural and designed environments while contributing to the betterment of the economic, social, and environmental realms of society. Full story


Conservation and preservation
The new College of Design found itself well-positioned to create two unique academic and research initiatives, bringing together expertise in international and American conservation and preservation practices. Full story


What if... preservationists paid as much attention to what goes on inside buildings as to what happens on the exterior?
New heritage preservation faculty member Gregory Donofrio's what-if question reflects his long-standing concern, both as a working preservationist and as an academic, with preservation practices that preserve the function as well as the form of historic buildings. Full story


A legacy of scholarship, leadership, and service
A year ago Emerging profiled a pioneering society for women in architecture, Delta Phi. The University chapter was the largest in the country for many years. The U of M also gave birth to another pioneering design honor society, Phi Upsilon Omicron, which celebrates its centennial this year. Full story


Preserving the collection
The Goldstein Museum of Design has more than 26,000 items in its collection--including apparel, textiles, decorative arts, and graphic design pieces--and it's always adding more. Properly storing and preserving all of these artifacts are among the museum's most important responsibilities. Full story


Architecture undergraduates win Berkeley Prize
Architecture undergraduate students Laura Schlifer and Daniel Carlson won the first 2008 Berkeley Prize Architectural Design Fellowship in celebration of the prize's 10th anniversary. Schlifer and Carlson's project was entitled "Baby Boomers: A New Take on the Old." They each received $1,250 plus $3,500 to host a School of Architecture competition based on their entries. They were also finalists for the essay competition. Full story


Retiring Hewitt leaves indelible mark on Twin Cities campus
Campus planner, professor, public servant, and counselor, Clinton Hewitt embodies the respect that underpins the dignity of the University of Minnesota. He has guided planning for the Twin Cities campus with a knowing hand, elevating the campus to a place of beauty, reflection, and recreation. But perhaps, more than his planning position, it is Hewitt himself who has left an indelible mark on our great campus. Full story


What if historic preservation reflected the diversity of the American people?
Landmark registers recognize and protect many places of interest to design professionals, including great examples of architectural and landscape design, exquisite craft, and distinctive style. Many more landmarks have been preserved because of their connection to important individuals, events, groups, or aspects of daily life in our nation's history. Because most Americans and visitors learn about our history through visits to historic sites and buildings, rather than textbooks or scholarly journals, public awareness of the role that diverse groups played in our nation's past depends on what we think is important to save and whose stories we choose to tell at historic places. Full story



An endless number of transformative questions
You see before you the work of the design firm Spunk Design Machine, which has created a new graphic identity for the college with input from many of our faculty, staff, students, and alumni over the last nine months. As always happens with good design, we learned a lot about ourselves in the process--about who we are and what we value. Full story


Around the college
New students oriented to design... From Sportswear to Streetwear... Alumni Vosbeck and Pedersen receive Outstanding Achievement Awards... Roger Martin attends Pentagon Memorial dedication...Full story


Awards... Appointments... Grants... Publications... Exhibitions and presentations... Students... Alumni... Deaths... Full story


Alumni Society of the year... Connect with design alumni through LinkedIn... Architecture and Landscape Architecture alumni survey highlights... Design Student and Alumni Board members 2008-09... Honoring Margot Siegel, Friends of the Goldstein founder... College of Design mentor program... Full story


Recent noteworthy gifts... Donors and scholars event... Full story



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