College of Design Governance Documents

Curriculum Management System



Step 1:

Download and Complete Cover Sheet


Course Change

New Course

  • Include ECAS documentation, which provides critical details for course entry and scheduling.
  • Include Course Proposal Template in lieu of course syllabus.

Program Change

  • Use online catalog to copy program into Word doc. Then make changes in Word doc using track changes.

New Program


Step 2:

Prepare appropriate supporting documentation

  • Syllabus
  • Academic Support Resources Forms

Computer Lab/IT

Digifab Lab


Imaging Lab



  • Sample Plan (for Program Change)
  • Transition Plan (for Program Change)
  • Documentation of Consultation
  • *FAQs from Campus Curriculum Committee

Step 3:

Login and Enter

Curriculum Management System

*WF-Gen Curriculum Submission Flow Chart


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Committee Information

Next committee meeting:
Week of February 19, 2018

Next deadline for academic units:
2 of February, 2018

Curriculum Calendar 


Curriculum Approval Policy 
Faculty Oversight of Courses Policy

Routine Approvals Policy 
Topics Policy 

Additional Forms:

Proxy Vote form   
Independent or Directed Study 
Incomplete Agreement 


Committee Members:

Chair: Sauman Chu, DHA
Cynthia Jara, Architecture
Gayla Lindt, Architecture
Juanjuan Wu, DHA
Matthew Tucker, Landscape Architecture
Kathleen Harder, Interdisciplinary
Courtney Miller Bellairs, Adjunct

Marilyn DeLong, Associate Dean
Laurie Gardner, Registrar
Kate Maple, Assistant Dean
Holley Locher, Chief of Staff